Feb 06, 2019

Consultant / Specialist Neurology

  • Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres
Full time Doctor 1 Vacancy

Job Description

Medcare Hospital & Medical Centers is hiring an experienced and passionate Consultant/ Specialist Neurology to join our team of Neurology Doctors in Sharjah.

The incumbent will be responsible for attending patients cases related to Neurology, according to approved standards of medicine. Work is performed to meet established medical ethical and legal rules in the field of orthopedic and by observing practices and procedures as required by the organization.

Job Location

Medcare Hospital Sharjah


The applicant must possess at least 5 years of experience as a Consultant/ Specialist Neurology, with mature clinical judgment and ability to provide professional leadership. A thorough knowledge of Medical Department policies and procedures with particular reference to the obligation to maintain the confidentiality of his work is required. The candidate must have demonstrated ability to deliver quality patient care and commitment to quality improvement for better health outcomes. He/She must have demonstrated ability to work in a multidisciplinary team and high level of interpersonal and organizational skills is expected of this role.


The applicant should possess a Bachelors Medical Degree recognized by Ministry of Health and a Certification of a higher professional education program in Neurology recognized by Ministry of Health. CCT or American Board Certification in Neurology or equivalent recognized by Ministry of Health is preferred.

The applicants holding active license or eligibility from any Health Authorities in UAE (MOH /DHA/HAAD) to practice as a Consultant/ Specialist Neurology would be preferred.

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