Nov 10, 2019

Medical Coder

  • Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres
Full time Administration 1 Vacancy

Job Description

Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centers is hiring an experienced and passionate Medical Coder to join our team in Dubai.


  • The incumbent performs highly technical and specialized medical coding functions for the Hospital and DHA Authority.
  • The employee reviews, analyzes, and codes diagnostic and procedural information that determines almost near without errors.
  • The primary function of this is to perform ICD – 10CM, CPT and other coding for patient diseases.
  • The coding function is a primary source for data and information used in health care today, and promotes provider/patient continuity, accurate database information, and the ability to optimize Hospital quality standards.
  • The coding function also ensures compliance with established coding guidelines, DHA policies, regulation and JCI accreditation guidelines.
  • Knowledge of anatomy, physiology and medical terminology commensurate with ability to correctly code provider services and diagnoses.


  1. Candidate assigns to train sequences of ICD – 10 CM/CPT codes to diagnoses and procedures for documented information.
  2. Assures the final diagnoses and operative procedures as stated by the physician are valid and complete.
  3. Abstracts all necessary information from health records (MRD FILES) to identify secondary complications and co-morbid conditions.
  4. Mark all necessary information and assigns codes (ICD – 10CM/CPT) which most accurately describe each documented diagnosis, surgical procedure and special therapy or procedure according to established hospital guidelines.
  5. To determine the final diagnoses and procedures stated by the physician or other health care provides are valid and complete.
  6. Check and prepare all Quantitative analysis – Performs a comprehensive review for the record to assure the presence of all component parts such as: patient and record presence of all reports which appear to be indicated by the nature of the treatment rendered before you code.
  7. Evaluates the record for documentation consistency and adequacy.
  8. Ensures that the final diagnosis accurately reflects the care and treatment rendered.
  9. Reviews the medical records for compliance with established guideline (WHO Latest Issues) before you final code.
  10. Clearly check the documentation in medical files to assure to appropriate Evaluation & assign using the correct CPT code.


Job Location

Medcare Hospital Dubai


Should be certified with ICD -10.

Experience in an hospital/clinic setup is an advantage.

Should have atleast 3 years of experience


- Completed Bachelor's Degree in Nursing.

Medical License

Not Applicable

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