Nov 26, 2019

Case Manager

  • Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres
Administration 1 Vacancy

Job Description

Communicates the vision in terms of short/long term & Prioritised goals and how it relates to the broader business plan.
Propagate the changes in standards and best practices effectively.

Bring in the best systems to deal with recurrent challenges, provide contingencies for unforeseen challenges keeping in mind, the strategic issues and balance between short term and long term needs.

Keeping an opportunistic view towards adding value to the business through efficient resource utilization, apt systems and practices and setting/ modifying bench marks in delivery to meet the changes. 

Keep abreast of developments, activities, standards of intellectual and process rigour.
Create and develop sources of competitive strength by deploying/ adjoining expertise in areas and benchmarking practices.

Investigate on needs in system and processes and ensure quick implementation of those with high impact on people and organisation to support high performance work climate for individuals and teams.
Set benchmarks on the quality and effectiveness of the systems.

Design/improve systems and practices, deploy/ redeploy resources and develop contingency plans on the basis of benefit and risk analysis, to maximise operational efficiency and to meet the changing business needs.

Set up highly responsive systems to meet external customer needs and achieve customer satisfaction laying out/ enhancing internal work procedures and practices.

Choose and promote key approaches, processes, products/ services to enhance ultimate impact and value addition.
Promote new ideas, experimentation with best alternatives and bring in improvements from setbacks.

Integrates the team and functional plans according to the changes in expectations and trends of the industry.
Promote collaborative partnership and communicate organizational ethos in engagements with external stakeholders for making a positive economic and social impact.

Review and recognise the factors adversely influence the work climate and the failure of systems to meet requirements, act with the readily available contingencies so as to ensure practices serve their intended purpose.

Attract potential talents for meeting long term goals, keeping an organizational flexibility to recognize key contributors.
Create development plans consistent with the organizational succession plans and individual's career plan.
Coach team, recognize individual performances, conduct team meetings and ensure team's freedom to stretch the boundaries of the contributions by them. 

Encourages subordinates to generate new ideas, approach challenges with creativity and listen feedback from wide range of sources before responding to situations.
Make up errors by subordinates, defending their space to explore original approaches

Respond and adapt to changing demands with a flexible approach and in a controlled manner.
Proactively switch approaches through effective communication and anticipate potential conflicts with innovative solutions favouring operational excellence.
Refocus teams on work and end goals.
Provide consultation to or obtains consultation / mediation for those who share few common interests and who are having a significant disagreement

Job Location

Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres


Minimum 2 years of experience  


B.Sc. Nursing, Pharmacy, Nutrition

Diabetes Educator certificate, Health Education certificate

Medical License

Not Applicable

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