Jan 27, 2020

Registered Nurse (Operation Theater)

  • Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres
Full time Nurse 3 Vacancies

Job Description


Provides a wide range of quality professional nursing care functions using the Nursing Process with emphasis on direct patient care and related activities.



  • SCOPE:
  • Provides professional nursing care to the patient, receives supervision and direction from the Head Nurse and /or Nurse Manager.
  • Work is performed on any shift, as required, in the general and critical care clinical units, operating room, labor and delivery units, emergency rooms and clinics of Medcare Hospital.
  • Hours are as assigned and may include on call.


    • Assessment:
  • Performs a systematic initial and on going assessment of the patient’s physical and psychosocial status, specific to the age of the patient.
  • Assesses patient/family educational needs and readiness to learn utilizing appropriate resources.
  • Assesses patient/family discharge planning needs utilizing appropriate resources.


  • Planning:
  • Collaborates with the patient/family and other members of the health care team to develop and update a plan of care that is consistent with the medical diagnosis and based on the patient’s changing physical, psychosocial and age related requirements.
  • Establishes realistic and measurable goals that are culturally sensitive, and identifies nursing interventions to achieve the goals.
  • Plans and organizes patient care activities on a daily basis.


  • Implementation/Interventions:
  • Provides total, direct nursing care consistent with the plan of care and needs of the patients with respect for the patient’s privacy, dignity, personal preference and culture.
  • Carries out physician’s orders and reviews nursing and medical orders for accuracy and appropriateness.
  • Prepares, administers, and documents the administration of oral, parental and topical medications as prescribed by the physician.
  • Is knowledgeable of therapeutic effects, usual dosages, contraindications, side effects and adverse reactions for all drugs and parental fluids administered.
  • Maintains accountability for narcotics and controlled drugs.
  • Intervenes appropriately in clinical emergency situations, initiates emergency resuscitative measures and assists with codes.
  • Sets up equipment for and assists physicians with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • Performs a wide range of nursing procedures with attention to accuracy, patient safety and comfort, including those requiring strict aseptic technique.
  • Assists with transfer of patients within the health care facilities.
  • Serves as transport nurse for patients during ambulance or aircraft transport.
  • Teaches patients and their families with emphasis on compliance with prescribed therapeutic regimen. Supports families in meeting the patient’s psychosocial needs.
  • Maintains a safe, clean and organized environment for the patient/family/visitors and staff.
  • Demonstrates priority setting skills and timeliness in responding to patient needs.


  • Evaluation:
  • Evaluates quality of nursing care being delivered and identifies opportunities for improvement.
  • Evaluates on an ongoing basis the patient’s progress and the appropriateness of the plan of care involving the patient/family and other health team members.
  • Updates the plan of care to reflect patient’s current health status and needs.
  • Evaluates and documents the patient/family’s understanding of and response to the plan of care including teaching and discharge plans.
  • Participates in presenting patient care conferences.


  • Professional Expectations:
  • Practices within the established standards, policies and procedures.
  • Recognizes when patient care needs extend beyond the limits of personal ability and consults appropriate resources.
  • Provides input during development and review of patient care standards, policies and procedures and participates in the Interdisciplinary Quality Assessment & Improvement Program.
  • Assumes responsibility for professional development and maintains currency in nursing for area of practice.
  • Uses computer technology as required.
  • Maintains infection control and safety awareness, functions accordingly and initiates corrective action when indicated.
  • Participates in fire and disaster drills and mock codes.
  • Demonstrates acceptance, caring and empathy to patients and families.
  • Maintains the confidentiality of patient/family information.
  • Acts as a patient advocate and develops supportive relationships with patient/family maintaining a professional role.
  • Uses verbal and nonverbal communication that conveys respect for the patient/family/visitor/staff.
  • Communicates verbal information in an accurate concise and timely manner.
  • Communicates written information in a legible accurate, concise and timely manner
  • Documents in a manner that is consistent with the nursing documentation guidelines.
  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with other members of the

    health care team.

  • Complies with department dress code.
  • Maintains an acceptable standard of attendance and reports to work on time.
  • Demonstrates support for Nursing Department Philosophy and Objectives.

Job Location

Medcare Orthopaedic & Spine Hospital, Medcare Hospital Sharjah


- Two years current experience in Operation Theatre and Recovery Room

- Completion of the corresponding Operation Theatre Technique course


Bachelor of Nursing 

Medical License



AED 5000

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